Air Fryer Potato Heaven


Now we all know that the air fryer can crisp up a frozen chip or potato smiley beautifully, but I think we can do better than that. I think we deserve heavenly potato sides that haven’t seen the freezer first. But don’t get me wrong, I love the odd frozen cheat, but these air fryer recipes are arguably just as easy, so give em a go…

Jacket Potatoes

An absolute classic and in my opinion, an often neglected potato dish. I grew up with jacket potatoes because they were cheap, super filling and easy to mix up by switching out your toppings. For me, cheesy beans or a big ole dollop of chilli reigns supreme, but I’m not opposed to a bit of tuna mayo or coleslaw, as long as it’s topped with cheese. Also, don’t forget to salt and oil your potato before you get cooking!

The beauty of using an air fryer is that you can have that hot ball of carby deliciousness much faster without sacrificing the crispy skin. The full recipe is in my book but you can watch me make it here (temps are 170c or 340F for 25-30mins) if you don’t wanna buy my book ya cheeky mares x

Classic Roasties 

Is there anything better than a roast potato? No, there isn’t. It’s the king/Queen of the spud world and I’ll fight anyone who thinks differently.

So why do a roast potato in the air fryer? Firstly, they get lovely and crispy and surely that’s the most important factor? Secondly, you save precious energy, especially this time of year when your heating is working overdrive and lastly, you free up precious oven space so if you’re cooking meat or other veg, you can bang it all in without the fear of any undercooked/burnt bits or overcrowding the trays. Now, if  you’re not an air fryer convert, I give up hehe.

Watch me make my spuds here. Or check out the full section I have dedicated to potatoes. They don’t call me the ‘Potato Queen’ for nothing.


Often referred to as hasselblads or hasselhoffs, (which I love btw), these are up there as one of my favourite ways to cook potatoes. If you’re a seasoned hasselback maker, you’ll know all the cutting tricks to mastering those spuddy slits. But if you’re new to this beauty, you simply need to grab two wooden spoons or chopsticks and place them either side of your potato – once you start cutting, you won’t accidentally go all the way through as the sticks will stop that. Easy! These are also lovely when doused in honey and garlic or just smoothered in butter tbh.

Again, the full recipe is in my book, but here’s a video that will basically show you how to make them. So generous hehe x