Around the world in 80 potatoes


Back in March 2021, I decided to celebrate the well-travelled spud by creating my ‘Around the World in 80 Potatoes’ series over on Instagram. The humble potato may have originated in Peru, but it’s well and truly made its way across the globe and produced some of the absolute best dishes EVER. So, rather than trawling through two years worth of posts, I’ve conveniently listed them all out for you below. So kind I know. Slight confession though…I didn’t quite get to 80 recipes but I have made a good start.

Now, I couldn’t not start this series in South America (the potato homeland), so let’s give a warm and meaty welcome to our first dish from beautiful Chile…

🇨🇱 CHILE – Chorrillana Fries

The Chilean equivalent to cheesy chips and gravy. This comforting meal consists of a huge pile of chips, succulent streak strips, fried onions and sunny-side-up eggs. I marinated my steak in soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, white wine vinegar, garlic and honey for that sweet and tangy hit. If only our UK takeaways had these on the menu.

🇨🇴 COLOMBIA – Papas Rellenas

Otherwise known as gorgeous stuffed, deep-fried potato meaty balls. They are GOOD. These babies can be found also over South America but I’ve opted for the Colombian version which is traditionally eaten for breakfast. Byeeee Weetabix, you’ve been replaced hun x

🇺🇸 USA – Funeral Potatoes

Despite the morbid name, it’s actually weirdly delicious. I say weirdly because two of the main ingredients are cornflakes and celery soup so you need to get your head around that part first. Once you have though, you’ll realise just how good this crunchy hash-brown casserole truly is. Traditionally served after funerals but don’t wait for anyone to die to make these.

🇨🇦 CANADA – Poutine 

Why don’t we have more cheese curds? Why is it not a thing here? You know Canada are doing it right when one of their most popular dishes includes chips and gravy. Poutine is Quebec slang for ‘a mess’ and I’ve never related to a dish more. BRB booking a flight to Canada and gonna go live my best messy life.

🇫🇷 FRANCE – Aligot

Aligot is a French dish from a region known as L’Aubrac. It’s a gooey mix of mashed potato and cheese that creates a stringy, delicious potato side dish. Basically the worlds cheesiest mash. The authentic cheese to use is a French cheese known as a ‘tomme fraîche but this is almost impossible to find in the UK. This is my take on the recipe using cheeses you’ll actually be able to find. Do try this dish in France though if you’re able to. 

🇫🇷 DENMARK – Brændende Kærlighed

Denmark is home to two of my favourite things: Aqua (the band) and this potato dish. The Brændende Kærlighed (or ‘Burning Love’) consists of a mashed potato base topped with golden bacon lardons and fried onions with a sprinkling of chopped chives. Traditionally served with beetroot. Lovely!


🇸🇪 SWEDEN – Jansson’s temptation

Gimme gimme gimme more of these spuds! This dish usually finds it’s way onto the dinner table during the Christmas season over in Sweden but I’m hoping it will start popping up in the UK more.

This casserole is made up of potato batons, cream, onions, Swedish sprats (or anchovies) and breadcrumbs. Top tip – don’t tell anyone that it is made with sprats until they have tried it first. Just remember it’s not a veggie friendly dish!

🇮🇪 IRELAND – Boxty

Whack this potato pancake on your next fry up and you’ll never look back. Boxty is a favourite in Ireland and it’s so easy to make! You only need potato, plain flour, baking powder, egg and milk. That’s it. Make it. Today.

🇮🇳 INDIA – Saag Aloo

Saag aloo is a dish with India origins that has become a staple of Anglo-Indian cuisine across the UK. A classic dish featuring potatoes fried in beautifully aromatic spices and spinach, it’s a great veggie dish that helps you hit one of your five a day. I’m especially lucky that I live in Birmingham where I have access to some really amazing Indian restaurants and asian supermarkets.

🇱🇧 LEBANON – Batata Harra

We love a spicy spud here and this one is a winner. Its a simple dish to create but packed FULL of tangy rich flavours. I like to really up the heat on this one but just adjust the amount of chilli to taste. Serve as a lil snack or throw in some chickpeas and baked kofta and you’ve got dinner sorted.

🇹🇷 TURKEY – Kumpir Tarifi

A fully loaded, cheesy stuffed potato topped with anything and everything. I went for pickles, sweetcorn, Russian salad (weird but it works), olives, sausage and more cheese. Then because it’s not done yet…you splodge tomato sauce and mayo on top.

🇦🇺 AUSTRALIA – Potato Bake

I wrote a disclaimer at the end of this post because when I made this Australian potato bake two years ago I got quite a few messages saying I’d done it wrong. It’s one of those recipes where there isn’t just one recipe there’s SO MANY. Please forgive me Australia. I just really love this potato bake and wanted to share it with everyone.

🇪🇸 SPAIN – Patatas Bravas

One of my very verrrry fave destinations in the whole world is San Sebastian in Spain. The scenery is amazing, the people are lovely, but OMG THE FOOD. I opted for Patatas Bravas, or spicy potatoes, because its iconic. I threw on a lil bit of aioli too just for fun but you can mix up the toppings if ya fancy.


🇬🇷 GREECE – Patates Lemonates

Get these out for summer babs! Whack out the BBQ because the hit of zesty lemon and oregano on those crunchy roasties will transport you to a Greek Island and give you all those holiday vibes.

We’ve also thrown in a sprinkling of semolina to add a lil added crunch to these roasties.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 SCOTLAND – Scottish Macaroons 

We’re ending with a DESSERT. Chocolate covered POTATO macaroons. Surprisingly tasty, they taste like soft, squidgy truffles.

The reason potato is used is because it has a delicate and smooth texture that blends beautifully with the icing sugar to create a malleable truffle-like consistency – ideal for dunking in chocolate and toasted coconut flakes. Serve up as a post-dinner treat.


As you can see, I still need a solid 65 more recipes to complete this series so please DM me your top international spud dishes and I’ll happily (very happily) give them all a go.

Disclaimer – All the recipes listed above are my personal take on the traditional dishes so some of the ingredients/methods may differ from the originals! Please don’t @ me.