Exclusive recipes from my NEW air fryer book


If you haven’t already purchased my new book, Poppy Cooks – The Actually Delicious Air Fryer book, here’s a few lil tasty teasers for you to have a go at…

honey soy salmon

I’ve included a fish dish because people always seem shocked that you can cook fish in an air fryer. It’s assumed that this wonderful bit of kit is too powerful to cook something delicate – but this is where I prove that wrong.

This recipe will give you beautifully flaked salmon that is seasoned with a sweet, salty and sticky glaze. Super simple, super speedy and super scrumptious. Top class alliteration for you there. Still failed English Language at GCSE though hehe x

Anyway…I paired the salmon with steamed rice, grilled spring onions, broccoli, crispy shallots and some pickled veg. Honestly, you’ll feel so healthy and vibrant after this one.

You can find the full recipe here.


It wouldn’t be a Poppy Cooks book without a few cheeky spuds thrown in now, would it?!

I always turn to my air fryer when I need quick, easy, no-mess chips, and they never let me down. It avoids the need for a chip pan or loads of waiting about in the oven. Plus, the lack of washing up is such a win for me. I legit hate washing up and I’m the sort of person who leaves it all til the next morning, forgets about it, then cries after walking into the kitchen when it’s all still there.

With this method, you’ll have golden, crispy chippies in around 30 mins.

You can find the full recipe here.

classic cookies

This is what you make when you’re craving something sweet and want it fast. There’s no waiting for the oven to preheat, it’s all go baby.

An air fryer is ideal too if you only want to make a small portion. My recipe makes 12 but simply freeze any leftover dough or half the quantities if you want a smaller batch. You can even make stuffed cookies by adding a dollop of chocolate spread if you fancied. But make sure the spread is fully encased to stop it oozing it out!

I also love that for the most part, you should have most the ingredients already in your cupboard.

Find the full recipe here.


Sorry but how good does this air fryer porchetta look??! 😍 You absolutely need to make this the star of the show on your next Sunday roast.

It does take a little longer to cook than your average air fryer recipes, but it is so worth the extra time and effort. Plus, the benefit of using this method is that you get a lovely crispy, golden exterior but the inside remains soft and moist. I’m trying to control myself whilst I write this…

For a slightly different take on the classic roast, I like to serve this beautiful porchetta with sautéed, buttered leeks, roast potatoes, garlic gravy and a big olde dollop of apple sauce. The perfect autumnal dish that will make you feel slightly less sad that it’s getting colder and wetter.

You can find the full recipe here.