It’s been a dream of mine for so soooo long and something I never expected to happen but I ACTUALLY HAVE MY OWN COOKBOOK! Introducing Poppy Cooks: The Food You Need. Seriously, what is my life?! Can I call myself an author now? And can we please talk about how my absolute icon, Nigella Lawson, read my book 🥹

When I started writing this cookbook I really wanted to revolutionise how we look at food. I wanted people with all cooking abilities to be able to pick this book up and just go. No judgement. All whilst learning some of the tips and tricks I developed whilst working in professional kitchens as a michelin-trained chef over the last 10 years. You won’t find unobtainable ingredients or the need for super-high tech expensive equipment in this book. 

I still stand by the fact that the best mashed potato is made using a sieve, so put down your fancy mashers and grab your trusty sieve.   

What I really love about this book is that there are no scary recipes – nothing that makes you go, ‘errr how am I supposed to do that?!’ or ‘what even is that?’. It’s all good, hearty food that will seriously up your cooking game and if you make a mistake, so what? I still make mistakes but it helps me get better. Embrace your inner Julia Child and let’s have fun in the kitchen.

I will at some point write another blog post solely about the sort of mistakes I’ve made in the kitchen. Shout-out to that time I poured a pork sauce that my boss had taken two days to make down the drain because I thought it was old caramel. I still think about it sometimes. But moving on…

So, what makes this book different?

Each of the 12 categories listed start with a core recipe. The remaining recipes build on the core to give you a range of meals from one starting point. Each core isn’t a one off, but a platform to create amazing dishes you might not have thought to try. Within each chapter you will find the following categories:

The core – the fundamental recipe and your starting point! Think emulsions, sauces, pastries etc

The Staple – the go-to recipe using your core recipe. Get these on your weekly meal plan.

The Brunch – because we all love brunch. Ideal for a lazy day.

The Potato – It wouldn’t be a Poppy Cooks book without a signature potato dish, right?

The Fancy AF – the recipe you use when you REALLY wanna blow someone’s socks off. 

What makes this book so versatile is that once you’ve got these recipes down, you can easily adapt each recipe and apply these new skills to other recipes outside the book. 

And although some of these recipes may not look like elaborate works of art (I’m looking at you Pinterest Buddha bowls) – they taste THAT good you won’t wanna wait around to take the perfect insta photo.

Finally, as a lil treat, I’ve included one of my favourite dessert recipes from the book here. This Cherry Bakewell Cheesecake is next level delicious and I’m not ashamed to say I genuinely ate the entire thing when I first made it. 

And remember…this is not just the food you want. This is the food you need.

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