You wanted a second book and here is it! Poppy Cooks: The Actually Delicious Air Fryer Cookbook.

I am honestly still not over the fact I have not one, but TWO COOKBOOKS! Thank you so much to everyone who loved my first book, Poppy Cooks: The Food You Need, and hopefully you’ll feel the same about this one hehe…

Ok, so what’s different about this book?

This cookbook features 100 recipes that are easy, fool-proof and basically give you the tools to make a three course dinner (if you wanted to) all in the Air Fryer. It covers everything from meat, fish to sweet treats, sides and obviously spuds. It wouldn’t be a Poppy Cooks book without a section dedicated to our carby fave. 

"This book is incredible! The things she can do with an air fryer is utterly magical, I want to make it all!" - Jane Dunn (Jane's Patisserie)

Why Air Fryers?

Firsty, I love my air fryer. Secondly, I owe it all to my Mom (thanks again, Mom). Ever the trendsetter, she became an air fryer convert back in 2018 during a kitchen renovation after losing access to her oven and stove. After being impressed by the speed, ease and most importantly, less mess and washing up, I naturally had to test it out and see what all the fuss was about. Now, despite being a chef and a clean freak in a professional kitchen, when I’m at home I’m very much a ‘leave the washing up til the next morning’ kinda gal. It’s my toxic trait and I never learn. UNTIL NOW. Oh yes, goodbye to the morning panic clean because I AM CHANGED. Cleaning is so easy, that I actually don’t dread it anymore haha. 

The beauty of an air fryer is that you can cook everything in one basket/tray and as we’re all busy, we want easy, we want something convenient but still super tasty. Whether you’re whipping up some honey-glazed carrots or roasting a chicken, you don’t lose any of the flavour – everything is still absolutely delicious! One of the questions I ALWAYS get asked on my channels is how to cook different meats and how to perfect oven favourites, so this book is my answer! You’ll find chips, chicken wings, toasties, Mac and cheese, ser-lutty brownies and so much more. I can’t rave about the brownies enough (they include a cookie dough layer, sandwich biscuit layer, gooey brownie layer and lashings of white chocolate sauce – because it clearly wasn’t already chocolat-y enough). I’ll stop now. I just really really liked these.

"The Dua Lipa of air fryers" - Poppy (Poppy Cooks)

I’ve also included all the tips, tricks and flavour ideas I’ve collected along the way that will elevate your cooking and give you the confidence to do more with your air fryer and save you time for more fun things, like watching Vanderpump Rules. 

With more of us wanting speedy, low-energy cooking, this book is here to simplify your life without losing any of the flavour. What more could you want?! You can now buy my book here.

Also..Ya gal is OFFICIALLY a Sunday Times Bestselling author… which means what exactly I’m not sure but I think it’s like the charts if you get a top 5 single so basically I’m the Dua Lipa of air fryers. If I’m honest I’ve only ever bought a newspaper for a sudoku but apparently now I can be introduced as a Sunday Times Bestselling Author and can update my bio and maybe get a new number plate B35T SLR so that’s cool.

Thank you for all the support on The Actually Delicious Air Fryer book, all the purchases, pics and reviews – you are actually the best. And the people buying it who don’t actually own an air fryer but want to support – you’re cray but the best kinda cray cray.

You can also check out my ‘Cooking With My Air Fryer’ series over on Instagram for quick, simple recipes to get you going.

Finally – big shout out to Jane for the amazing feedback!