I have a THIRD book!


That’s right, I actually have a third book coming out! Poppy Cooks: The Actually Delicious Slow Cooker Cookbook.

Another short and snappy book title hehe.

I am genuinely not over the fact I have three books and can’t thank everyone enough. My most recent book, Poppy Cooks: The Actually Delicious Air Fryer Cookbook sold over 100k copies and made it onto the Sunday Times Bestseller list, so fingers crossed this one follows suit.

Ok, so what’s different about this book?

This cookbook is all about that kitchen essential…the slow cooker. It features recipes that are easy, involve minimal input and are actually…delicious. I’ve covered everything from meaty mains to hearty soups and indulgent desserts. I also threw in a few boozy bevs and some spuds because why not.

A delightful book for anyone who wants to make great tasting food with minimal effort. Full of fun, exciting and comforting recipes…delicious indeed! - Ainsley Harriott

Why slow cookers?

Although I’m still very much fan-girling over an air fryer, I’m never without my trusty slow cooker. I love an appliance that makes life easier, whether that’s speeding things up (thank you air fryer) or sloooowing things down (hello slow cooker).

And what I found was that although we all seem to own one, it’s not used to the best of its ability. Yes, we’ve all made a beef stew in it what about turkey tacos, confit potatoes or an absolutely classic sticky toffee pudding? The slow cooker is also not an intimidating bit of kit – it’s not all up in your face with 74 different buttons, it’s simple and just does the job.

Plus, is there any better feeling than throwing all your ingredients into a slow cooker at the start of the day and coming back to the BEAUTY of a tasty meal just bubbling away in front of you. That is exactly what I wanted from this book. No fuss, no frills, just delicious, easy slow-cooker meals.

I have made sure there is hardly any prep before each dish and have minimised the number of times you have to come back to the pot to check it or add something as much as I physically can, while still making sure the results are delicious. Who wants to sear their meat for 20 minutes before tipping it into the bowl, and to then have to come back to it to stir and add more ingredients every 65 minutes while it slow cooks? No thank you. So, sit down and enjoy that glass of wine bab. Did I also mention there’s typically less washing up? Win.

With more of us leading busy lifestyles, using your slow cooker is just one way to get some of your day back without relying on fast food or microwave meals. What more could ya want? You can now pre-order my book here.


Thank you for all the support all the book purchases, pics and reviews from my last books – you are actually the best.

I’ll be sharing a few sneaky recipes prior to release over on my Instagram page, so come and check it out. I also love spuds so prepare to bombarded with those too.