The Potato Sharing Board


Forget slippers, forget jewellery and forget asking for series 1-14 of Real Housewives of New York, because the only thing that needs to be on your Christmas list this year is a potato sharing board.

It’s a thing of beauty and needs to be enjoyed in front of a roaring fire, alongside a glass of something fizzy and with The Holiday playing on the TV in the background. I made this on a bit of a whim after a day of furious potato cooking for my 24 Days of Christmas Potatoes series and it was magnificent. Let me talk you through it…


So, first of all, you’re gonna need a big ole board. Channel the iconic Plank Lady from Come Dine with Me for this one as she’s my inspiration and really knows her way around a plank.

You basically just need something big enough for a full camembert and a load of beautiful, beige carbs. Maybe the odd condiment if you really want. And although I’ve called this a “sharing” board, there is absolutely no need to share, I actually advise against it. Treat yourself bab x

My board was assembled with the following:

Air fryer chipsGotta have a chip on there! Whack em in the air fryer to save precious oven space.

Individual rostis – If you’re feeling fancy AF, top with creme fraiche and caviar.

Crispy parmesan skins – Didn’t have a recipe for these, but here’s some festive loaded skins!

Maple bacon snacklebacksSweet meets salty and this is one my personal faves on here. They also look like mini reindeer heads so it’s very on brand tbh.

Crispy potato balls with sour creamThese are super Christmassy as they’re packed with sage and onion. Make sure you serve with a proper garlick-y sour cream and chive dip.

And finally, a whole, melted camembert. Poke some rosemary through the top to add some greenery to your plate. It will give the illusion of health and also looks a bit like pine needles. We want all the festive vibes baby!

Any extras?

For next years event I want to take this even further, so I’ll be adding in a little caramelised onion chutney, some halloumi fries (to up the cheese factor) and camembert croquettes, so I can dunk them into even more cheese.

The possibilities are truly endless, so please send me pics of all your beige boards and let’s celebrate carbs this festive season.