Air Fryer Baked Potato

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No matter the season, the baked potato is the lunch that will always be there. It’s cheap, it’s filling and the topping combos are never ending. There’s only one tiny downside to the jacket potato and that’s the time it takes to cook…well that was until NOW. Enter the AIR FRYER jacket potato.

The most comforting food on the planet will now be in your belly that lil bit sooner.

Below are some of my favourite toppings…

Kumpir: A dish from Turkey, this basically throws as much as possible into your jacket potato, and it is AMAZING. I like to have butter, feta, pickles red cabbage, tinned sweetcorn, olives, ready-made potato salad (yes more spud on spud) and some chopped gherkins. Then slather on mayo and ketchup. Trust me on this one.

Chilli cheesy beans: Simple as this – fry half a sliced onion in a frying pan with some oil, until softened, then add half a finely grated garlic clove. Add your favourite baked beans, a pinch of chilli flakes, a dash of hot sauce and a little grated cheese. Then butter up your potato and pour on your pimped beans. Sprinkle with another helping of cheese. An absolute feast!

The classic: Get some bacon crisping up in a pan (or air fryer). While that’s going, open your jacket and mix the inner potato with butter and soured cream. Chop a spring onion and mix that in there as well, saving a little to sprinkle on top. Once the bacon is cooked and crispy, chop it up into little pieces and add it to the potato. Then, get grated cheddar and/or red leicester all over that bad boy. Add the remaining spring onion and a dollop of soured cream and you’re away.


metric imperial
  • 1 baking potato, or large Maris Piper or Russet potato per person
  • 1 baking potato, or large Maris Piper or Russet potato per person
  • Vegetable oil, for rubbing
  • Vegetable oil, for rubbing
  • Salt to season
  • Salt to season


  1. Using a fork, pierce the potatoes all over and rub with oil and salt. Get onto a microwave-safe plate and microwave at 800W for 10 minutes.
  2. Heat the air fryer to 170c/340f.
  3. Put the potatoes in the air fryer basket for 25-30 minutes, until tender, delicious, fluffy and ready for the filling of your choice. I've listed my favourites above.