Nduja Cottage Potatoes

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Welcome to the spud family Nduja Cottage Potatoes!! A tasty and welcome addition to my spud index.

This is traditionally a german recipe, also known as bratkartoffeln, which is usually made with bacon, fried onion and various seasonings. While the classic is absolutely heavenly, I wanted to mix it up a little with some spicy nduja and herby cream cheese.

Fun fact – as part of my ‘A-Z of Potatoes’ series on Instagram, I made Bratkartoffeln because Nigella Lawson told me I should over Twitter. I had planned to share a snazzy baked potato recipe but after the icon, the legend, the amazing Nigella tweeted, I couldn’t say no and now I’m in love with all German potato dishes. She’s literally my idol and I’m still starstruck tbh. You can find my full series here.

This dish is ideal for a midweek dinner as it’s easy to prepare, simple to cook, super filling and obvs really tasty. For this recipe I substituted the bacon for nduja, which is a spicy, spreadable salami from Italy. It’s similar in taste to other cured salamis, but it’s unique mix of seasonings and chilli give it more depth, smokiness and a umami flavour. Are you drooling yet? The addition of creamy herby cheese really helps to cut through the heat of the nduja, so if you’re not a super spicy person, just add more cheese. You can find nduja in most supermarkets and if you have any leftover, add it to pizzas, pasta sauces or you can even spread it on toast if ya want.

If you struggle to find a herb cream cheese, you can use a plain one and then add in whatever herbs you like. Typically basil, dill, chives and garlic are thrown in, but you can tailor this to your preference. Don’t forget to season!

Serve these cottage potatoes with schnitzel or another breaded meat and a mixed green salad or if you’re feeling a bit lazy, just go ahead and plop a fried egg on top. It’s delicious either way.


metric imperial
  • 2 potatoes, any kind!
  • 2 potatoes, any kind!
  • 3 1/2oz Nduja
  • 100g Nduja
  • 3 tbsp herby cream cheese
  • 3 tbsp herby cream cheese
  • Splash of oil
  • Splash of oil
  • Salt and pepper to season
  • Salt and pepper to season


  1. Cook your spuds either by baking them, or putting the whole potato into cold salted water and boiling for 20 minutes until par-boiled. Don't let them get too mushy.
  2. Then, slice your potatoes into half-centimetre rounds.
  3. Next, in a frying pan with a splash of oil, on medium heat, cook down your Nduja until the oil goes red.
  4. Add your slices of spuds and continue to cook on medium high heat for a further 5-7 mins, turning occasionally until golden and coated with the Nduja.
  5. Season with salt and pepper and scatter the cheese as and where you want it.
  6. To finish off, put it under a medium grill for a further few mins to warm through the cheese and serve… ENJOY!!!