Up Your Dinner Game


Let’s talk dinner.

I love a spag bol and shepherd’s pie as much as the next person, but if you’re eating this on repeat every week, we need to sort it out. You deserve more. And that more doesn’t need to be something elaborate, expensive or hugely time-consuming, because that’s not what I’m about – it just needs to be tasty, quick and DIFFERENT.

What I’m going to share with you is 10 simple recipes to up your dinner game and hopefully add a few dishes to your dinner time repertoire. So, let’s start…

Garlic, lemon and chilli pasta with burrata 

We’re starting with pasta because who doesn’t love pasta?! With this recipe, there’s no need for any store-bought sauces, extensive list of ingredients or loads of time spent over a stove. It’s fast, easy and uses fresh ingredients – who can argue with that?

I used burrata, however if you struggle to find this, simply switch out for mozzarella. Ideally you’ll want mozzarella balls in water as these are the closest swap in terms of texture and taste but tbh nothing quite beats the creaminess of burrata 🤤

Lamb moussaka meatballs

Who doesn’t love a mouth full of meaty balls?

This is my take moussaka inspired meatballs and my favourite part is that you can just throw a load of the ingredients in a tray and get going. One of the many reasons I’m obsessed with tray-bakes. The spices used here are also amazing, you’ll legit feel like you’ve been transported to Morocco…but without the good weather.

I served up with spaghetti, but you could opt for a lil jewelled couscous or even a mixed green salad if ya fancy.



Chorizo and cream cheese jacket 

I must admit, this meal is a lil extra because I’ve encased the whole potato in a salt and egg mix before baking. If this wasn’t enough, I topped this salt-crusted baby with chunky chorizo and used the rendered fat from the meat to flavour the mild cream cheese accompaniment. Then to finesse, I added a sprinkling of parsley and squeeze of tangy lemon. This is what you make when you’ve overdone the beans on toast but want something carby.

To save time (and using a load of salt) simply use your standard method of making a jacket potato.


Sticky orange chicken tray-bake

It’s sticky. it’s sweet. It’s DELICIOUS. The dark soy sauce addition perfectly balances out the sweetness of the honey and orange, making this a real winner.There is honestly so much flavour in this dish that it may even convince you to skip the odd takeaway.

What’s also great about this meal is that you don’t need any scales, just a trusty tablespoon. I served this dish with rice however you can switch this out for roasted veg, chips, a mixed green salad or whatever else ya fancy.

Fennel sausage pasta with confit leek

I purposely shared this recipe because I LOVE LEEKS. We don’t use leeks enough and yes, they make a banging side dish when drenched in white sauce but I want it to be the star of the show. By slow cooking your leeks you get this beautiful caramelised flavour with a subtle sweetness and it reduces the sharpness so it doesn’t overpower the dish.

Also, if you don’t have an pappardelle pasta to hand, simply cut lasagne sheets into thick strips. If you don’t have either, then soz bab you’re popping to the shops x

Summer bacon chicken goodness

This is the dish you make when you want something a bit saucy, a bit hearty, but also a bit summery.

It’s the seasonal summery stew you’ve been looking for. Instead of your standard root veg, I’ve opted for a green hit of peas, lettuce and fennel. Honestly, it is super delicious. To compliment the delicate greens and salty bacon bits, I made a zesty lemon emulsion which really pulls together all the flavours and balances it out.



Spiced potato patty burger

This is THE spiced potato patty burger I made on Saturday Kitchen in March 2023. Coincidentally, also the same episode where I accidentally said a rude word not once, but FOUR TIMES on live TV. Sorry again Matt Tebbutt. BUT moving on…this burger was approved by Alesha Dixon! That’s right, the Mis-Teeq icon. I even rapped a little on TV, that was embarrassing. What am I like this.

The reason I chose to make this dish on TV was because of the ease and speed of the dish, not to mention it’s an affordable recipe with no fancy schmancy ingredients. Cheap, easy dishes can still be delicious!!!


Harissa-spiced salmon tray-bake

THIS DISH ❤️ After a trip to North Africa I came back with soooo many spices and was slightly obsessed. If you’re not familiar with harissa or ras el hanout, please get these spices, make this dish and you’ll never look back.

The rose harissa paste I’ve used here gives the dish a spicy kick backed by smoky and sweet flavours, with a lil floral hit from the rose. The flavour profiles can vary dependent on what harissa paste you buy but I’ve yet to try one I haven’t liked.



Pan-roasted chicken and bacon potato salad

A bit of a classic dinner because it’s got spuds, meat and a bit of green on the side. If you want something same same but different, make this. It also takes less than 30 minutes to serve up.

The rich and creamy potato salad has a salty hit from the golden bacon lardons and perfectly pairs with the herb and spice infused chicken supremes. The best part is you don’t need to wait for the potato salad to cool, you get to enjoy this one HOT!



Caramelised onion filo tart

This is one for your meat-free Mondays. It’s sweet, sticky, cheesy, flaky and perfect for all the veggies out there! A rich dish that looks fancy but requires minimal time and effort – winner.

The addition of sage to this dish gives an almost minty and earthly taste that compliments the caramelised onions beautifully.

You can also play around with this dish by adding different cheeses, like a sprinkling of goats cheese or switching it up with various toasted nuts or side salads. I served mine with spring greens and chilli. Lovely.

For more dinner inspo, keep popping back to my ‘Main’ page here, which is continually updated with new recipes. Enjoy your dins babs x